2020 Mercedes-Benz GLC drives around a scenic highway bend by some green plants.

Which Mercedes-Benz models get the best gas mileage?

Saving fuel is about more than saving money. You’re also helping move the human race in the right direction as we try to find a way to exist in harmony with this beautiful planet. We’ve already inflicted a massive amount of damage, and if we need to keep damaging, the least we can do is less of it.

To help in this effort, we’ve compiled a list of the Mercedes-Benz models that reach that highest echelons of combined fuel-efficiency. Check out below to see some of the greener offerings from our favorite automaker.

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Most Fuel-Efficient Mercedes-Benz Models

GLC 350e 4Matic

This premium plug-in hybrid SUV manages up to 74 miles-per-gallon with the help of its hybrid powertrain. If you go with the gas iteration, for comparison, you’ll be getting a combined 25 miles-per-gallon.


Like the GLC above, this luxury sedan gets a combined 51 miles-per-gallon thanks to its hybrid powerplant. You’re going to be getting positive attention in this vehicle for more reasons than one.

GLE550e 4Matic

The third most efficient hybrid offering from Mercedes-Benz is another SUV. It gets a combined 43 miles-per-gallon.


With the CLA 250, we finally find ourselves in gas-engine territory. This coupe comes in at a fine 29 mpg.


The delightfully sporty, innovative sedan that is the Mercedes-Benz C300 travels up to 27 miles-per-gallon.


A long-running favorite among Mercedes-Benz acolytes is this iconic roadster. The SL300 doesn’t only boast prestigious heritage; it also gets a 27 miles-per-gallon fuel rating.


The athletic luxury subcompact that is the Mercedes-Benz GLA 250 also burns a respectable 27 miles-per-gallon.


The Mercedes-Benz E350 embodies everything that a discount version of the S-Class should be. And it also gets 26 miles-per-gallon.

Check out these fantastically economical luxury vehicles for yourself here at Pohanka Mercedes-Benz of Salisbury! Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you soon.

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