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Can I lease a certified pre-owned Mercedes-Benz?

Lease a CPO Mercedes-Benz in Salisbury, MD

There are many options these days for obtaining a vehicle. Not only is straightforward purchasing still a possibility, but one can also finance or lease. On top of this, one can choose whether to buy used, new, or Certified Pre-Owned.

There are benefits and negatives to every option. But one intriguing combination is that of leasing and used, or leasing and CPO. Is it possible to lease a certified pre-owned Mercedes-Benz model?

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Yes, it is possible to lease a Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz, but not all dealerships allow this. To inquire if we are currently offering any CPO Mercedes-Benz models for lease at Mercedes-Benz of Salisbury, contact us today. Don’t be afraid to ask the manager you speak with to check with a higher-up to confirm whether or not a CPO lease is on the table. Sometimes, employees are not aware of current lease offers.

What are the benefits of leasing a certified pre-owned Mercedes-Benz?

Leasing a certified pre-owned vehicle is a great way for customers to save money for whatever purpose they’d like to use it for, or to spend that money to afford a nicer car than they could otherwise.

Many consumers are unaware that the possibility of leasing a used vehicle exists. Doing so is a good way to increase one’s savings.

What used vehicles can be leased?

Generally, used car leases can be performed on vehicles that are less than four years old and have fewer than 48,000 miles on them.

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What is the structure of a lease on a used car?

Used vehicle leases follow the same basic structure as new leases. First, the lender determines the vehicle’s residual value, and then calculates the payment amount based on the difference between sales price and residual value. These values we reference vary, as not all vehicles depreciate at the same rate.

The lease is then assigned a money factor, which is basically the interest rate. This factor tends to be higher on used car leases than on new car leases, just as interest rates tend to be higher on loans for used cars than new. However, when the lower sales price and lower rate of depreciation are taken into account, the overall payment amount should still be lower.

Can a leased used vehicle be purchased after the lease period is over?

Yes. Just as with a new vehicle lease, a leased used vehicle can be purchased at the end of the lease period if desired.

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