Two happy men float over the ruins of a hazy, deserted city as they stick to the core values of social distancing and hand-washing.

How can I avoid the coronavirus in Salisbury, MD?

Staying Safe from COVID-19 on the Delmarva Peninsula

These days, the coronavirus is on the top of everyone’s mind and tongue alike. It’s hard to think of anything else, and when you turn on the news, the virus is inevitably at the forefront of all the latest reports. Things can begin to seem apocalyptic.

But humanity isn’t going down without a fight. Society has already developed numerous ways to combat the virus and lower risks of infection so that our species comes out the other side in as good a shape as possible, hopefully having learned a lot from this whole experience.

So what are the best strategies for avoiding the coronavirus in Salisbury, MD?

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The best ways to stay healthy and uninfected by the coronavirus are to follow the methods recommended by the Center for Disease Control, or CDC. Although this certainly does not guarantee that one will avoid the virus, these are the best methods we currently have for lowering the chances of infection.

Such strategies are continually evolving as more information comes to light, so be sure to check the latest from the official CDC coronavirus page.

What strategies does the CDC recommend for avoiding COVID-19?

As of this writing, two main basic points that the CDC is emphasizing are “social distancing” and “handwashing.”

Social Distancing

The CDC recommends staying at least six feet away from other humans during this pandemic. Of course, as far as possible is generally best. The virus is transferred by respiratory droplets that emerge when someone coughs or sneezes. In order to prevent infecting others, cover your mouth and nose when you cough/sneeze.

Staying home is particularly important when sick, but one should be doing that all the time if possible anyway. Going for exercise outdoors is still acceptable, and recommended to maintain mental health.

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Individuals are encouraged to wash hands often, using soap and water, for at least twenty seconds. Doing so is especially important after being in a public place, or after one has blown their nose, coughed or sneezed. Also, avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.

How can I protect others from infection?

There are a few pointers to follow to minimize the risk of spreading the coronavirus infection. Note that you may be infected and not showing any symptoms, so caution is always recommended.

If you’re sick, stay home and leave only if you’re doing so to get medical care. Cover up your coughs and sneezes. Wear a facemask around others.

If you’re not sick, don’t wear a facemask unless you’re caring for someone who is. There is expected to be a shortage of facemasks and they should be saved for those who really need them.

Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces daily. If a surface is dirty, clean it.

These are uncertain times, and the situation is constantly changing. Contact us today for up-to-date information!

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