Illuminated "check engine" light

Which brand of vehicle is least likely to have a check engine light-activated?

It’s never fun to see a check engine light activate. In fact, this unassuming little lamp can often be the beginning of a slight but nagging anxiety every time your drive your vehicle. You know that you should take the vehicle into a shop just to be safe.

But is it really necessary? Is it just a trick to bleed more money out of your tender wallet? Humans don’t do well with uncertainty, and the check engine light thrives on our need for resolution.  Many times the light merely indicates minor, inexpensive problems, but it can be the beginning of a major issue as well.

It’s obviously better to never have issues arise that cause those dreaded lights to activate. To that end, some vehicles are better than others. Which brand is the most unlikely to show an illuminated check engine light?

Mercedes-Benz Engine Reliability

According to CarMD, Mercedes-Benz is the least likely brand to have a check engine light activated. Mercedes-Benz is the only German brand on the list. They have several vehicles in the top 100, including the 2015 Mercedes-Benz S-Class, which sits at rank 12.

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This is just one reflection of the top-notch craftsmanship that goes into every Mercedes-Benz model. The result is an excellent product that does what you want it to with minimal inconvenience; in fact, Mercedes-Benz is known for regularly going above and beyond expectations. If you happen to be on the Delmarva Peninsula, pick out a new Mercedes-Benz model for yourself with the button above!front view of a red 2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class

Note that an engine, of course is just one part of the overall reliability of a vehicle. But it certainly is nice to not have that issue on one’s plate.

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