Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo camper by some water

What camping-oriented models are offered by Mercedes-Benz?

“Ride Out” the Pandemic (Literally) in a Mercedes-Benz

With 2020 being a pretty unique year (to put it kindly), many Americans have had to find new ways to enjoy their leisure time. One of these (re)discovered methods is the road trip, with stops for camping along the way.

In advance of Labor Day weekend, over 1,000 Americans were polled to see how they spent their time on the road over the past six months. Nearly three-quarters of those surveyed said they now value road trips more than they did before the pandemic, and 80% of road trippers said that going on a road trip had been “one of their happiest moments” since March.

Of course, a road trip/camping extravaganza is made all the more enjoyable with the right vehicle. And no one does “right vehicles” quite like Mercedes-Benz. What camping models does Mercedes-Benz offer?

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Camping vehicles offered by Mercedes-Benz include the Sprinter and Marco Polo models. As with everything else, our favorite automaker brings a delectable dose of luxury to the camping experience.

off their pitched tents in the desert

Perfect for Both Traveling and Leisure                                                                                    

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Marco Polo models are the perfect combination for both traveling and leisure, lending themselves effortlessly to spontaneous, stylish adventuring. Not only are they loaded with great camping features, but they also boast an array of agility and driving comfort.

The interior of both models is highly comfortable, and loaded throughout with technical features. For those who work remotely, the insides can easily be transformed into a mobile office when needed- imagine doing your job from wherever you please out in the world.

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Adventure and Comfort Combined

Though the Mercedes-Benz camping models open the door to exhilarating adventure, they still provide the requisite comfort inside to allow users to lean back and take everything in. Such features include the roof bed that boasts sleeping space for up to five people.

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