Side/front angled view of 2021 Mercedes-Benz GLE in the desert

Where can I turn in my Mercedes-Benz lease on the Delmarva Peninsula?

We at Pohanka Mercedes-Benz like to tell the souls that find themselves at our dealership that leasing a Mercedes-Benz is a great way to get one’s hands on the delectable luxury features and cutting-edge advancements of the latest Mercedes-Benz models without requiring a full purchase commitment. A nice bonus for those that hate the hassle of reselling their vehicle when they’re done with it also enjoy the fact that with a lease, you don’t have ot go through that.

One thing that does need to be done at the end of the lease period is the vehicle must be turned in. If you’ve found yourself in the vicinity of Salisbury, MD with a Mercedes-Benz lease that’s coming to a close, you’re likely wondering: where can I turn in my leased Mercedes-Benz on Maryland’s Eastern Shore?

Good news: your leased Mercedes-Benz can be turned in right here at Pohanka Mercedes-Benz of Salisbury! As an official Mercedes-Benz dealership, all Mercedes-Benz models leased from an official dealership can be turned in with us. Drivers needn’t have leased the model from us originally.

What do I need to do before turning in my leased Mercedes-Benz?

As your Mercedes-Benz lease period comes to a close, there are some important steps to follow. These include scheduling a vehicle pre-inspection and reviewing the results of that inspection. You may wish to repair any excess wear and use items in advance of the expected return. Feel free to contact us to discuss this.

2020 Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedan exterior side/front

What are my options when my Mercedes-Benz lease ends?

At the end of the lease, lessees can choose to either return or purchase their leased Mercedes-Benz. If you opt to return, you also have the option of purchasing or leasing a new model. If you choose to lease a new Mercedes-Benz, we encourage you to check out our current Mercedes-Benz lease specials!

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