Welcome screen on Mercedes-Benz Pro Connect in cockpit

What features come on Mercedes-Benz Pro Connect?

Mercedes-Benz Pro Connect Capabilities and Functions

Mercedes-Benz Pro Connect is a very shagadelic digital connectivity system that comes built-in on Mercedes-Benz vans. Users can utilize it to remotely access info about the van, such as its location, whether it’s locked or unlocked, and more. These tasks are performed via fleet management software or a smartphone app.

Here at Mercedes-Benz of Salisbury, we often get customers who are looking into getting a fleet outfitted with Mercedes-Benz Pro Connect in Salisbury, MD. They’re typically likely wondering: what features come on Mercedes-Benz Pro Connect?

Mercedes-Benz Pro Connect can do quite a lot of different things with its various systems. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the primary functions of its main features:

  • Optimized Assistance – Provides various information about repairs and service.
  • Digital Driver’s Log – Records information about the driver and the trip.
  • Efficient Fleet Management – Allows the fleet manager to see vehicular location and activity.
  • Efficient Driving Style Analysis – Uses sensors to monitor the driver’s driving style and assess how economical it is.
  • Simplified Fleet Communication – Provide a line of communication between the fleet manager and driver, as well as internet connectivity.
  • Improved Navigation – Advanced system that plans the quickest route in real time, updates other fleet vehicles on road conditions, displays information such as local fuel prices, weather, and parking facilities, and allows the manager to send addresses to the navigation system remotely.
  • Remote Access – Allows registered individuals to remotely lock or unlock the vehicle, check whether its windows are closed or turn on the heating. Individuals can even get access if they’re nowhere near the vehicle.
  • Data Integration – Allows for all data produced by Mercedes Pro Connect to be integrated into a different third-party vehicle management system.

Mercedes-Benz vans can double as excellent campers.

A lot of these systems are compatible with voice control.  

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