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Benefits of a Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz

Ever wonder what the difference is between a pre-owned vehicle and a certified pre-owned vehicle? You see the sign advertising that the car you’re looking at is “certified pre owned” but what does that actually mean? Is it worth the extra cost? The short answer is yes but let’s explore why.


First off a certified pre owned Mercedes-Benz vehicle has been through an intense and deliberate inspection by a Mercedes-Benz trained technician. This is to ensure that any problems with the car are fixed BEFORE it goes on the market. Any recalls, manufacture flaws or other problems will be addressed and fixed before the car leaves the lot. So when purchasing a certified pre-owned vehicle you are assured that the car has been properly and thoroughly inspected and maintained to fit today’s top safety standards. Additionally any Certified Pre-owned Mercedes Benz includes a full Carfax history report so you know everything about your vehicle’s past life.


Second, when purchasing a certified pre-owned Mercedes-Benz you are instantly purchasing a vehicle with some much needed add ons. For example a Certified Pre Owned (CPO) Mercedes-Benz comes with a one year bumper to bumper unlimited mile warranty starting when the 4 year / 50,000 mile Mercedes-Benz New Vehicle Limited Warranty expires . Drivers also have the ability to purchase an extended warranty if they would like to have coverage longer than a year. The warranty is also fully transferable if you decide to sell your car before the warranty expires. Furthermore there is no deductible on the warranty meaning the driver won’t pay a penny out of pocket if a repair is needed.


So is it worth it to purchase a certified pre-owned Mercedes-Benz? Yes! Though vehicles made by Mercedes-Benz are meant to be reliable and last longer than ever, having an extended warranty as well as a numerous other perks are well worth the minimal additional cost. The multi point inspection a certified pre-owned vehicle goes through also insures that there will be no immediate problems with the car and will put your mind at ease for a long time to come.


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